Conditions of Use

By using the services provided by Wrap Designs, you expressly agree that the use of our services is at your own risk. The services at Wrap Designs are provided “as is” and are outlined below.

I. Service

Wrap Designs is a provider of graphic concepts only and is strictly a DESIGN company. We do not provide vinyl printing or installation services. When making a purchase, you agree to these conditions.

A. Wrap Designs offers a concierge service to assist customers by providing all necessary files to the customer’s chosen vinyl installation company. This service is provided at no extra charge.

II. Details of Service

  • Wrap Designs offers two pricing plans for our customers. The customer may choose between 2 or 4 concepts.
  • All designs are unique and original, designed specially for your business and needs. Templates or pre-fab designs are never utilized by our company. This is a guarantee.
  • Customers can choose any vehicle for a wrap design. Our collection of over 500,000 vehicles provides a vast assortment of options for vehicle wraps.
  • Each design is completely custom — we guarantee nobody else will have it.
  • Wrap Designs offers unlimited revisions to the customer up to 14 days after the initial order is placed. Revisions have no limits, as our creative team can accommodate any request. Additional changes to the design after the 14 day mark will be billed at a rate of $100/hour.
  • Each concept is guaranteed to match the customer’s branding and logo down to the exact color.
  • We generally have a 48 hour quick turnaround time for the first concept. 80% of our orders fall into this range. However, more complex requests and bigger jobs may require more time. Unforeseen circumstances may also extend this time. We always work diligently to get the first mockup to our customers promptly.
  • Once the design is finalized, customers retain all rights to copyright privileges. It is your responsibility to make sure you own the rights to any images or graphics you give to us first. Wrap Designs is not responsible for any legal action taken against the customer by a third party for copyright infringement.
  • Wrap Designs provides a full concierge service and will send all the necessary final design files to the vinyl wrap install company of your choosing. This is all done at no additional cost.
  • All designs come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Money will not be refunded if the customer utilizes the designs for their vehicles in any other manner than originally intended by our services.